Whipped Cream Nitrus Oxide

Whether for those starting out in the kitchen or for those who are already more experienced, there are some techniques that are classic and that are always featured in everyday dishes and desserts. And whipped cream is one of them. The use of the Nangs also comes up as the best here. Using the nitrous oxide cream chargers a.k.a. nangs is a perfect option in this case.

Therefore, we have prepared some tips to help you make the perfect whipped cream with Milk Cream and make your recipes even more creamy and beautiful. Check out:

Prepare the ingredients

The first step before starting any recipe is to separate and prepare the ingredients and materials that will be used in the preparation.

In the case of whipped cream, there are only two basic ingredients: sour cream and sugar. And sour cream you already know, it has to be whipped.

An important tip for the preparation of whipped cream is to leave the Whipped Milk Cream in the refrigerator before making the recipe, thus, it is easier and faster to reach the point of whipped cream at the time of hitting.

To keep the temperature of the cream low, you can also use a very common trick among chefs: put the bowl inside another larger bowl with water and ice. Thus, you keep the mixture cold throughout the preparation and it is easier to reach and maintain the whipped cream point.

Pay attention also to the materials. First, keep in mind that the whipped cream will reach two to three times the initial size, so choose a large bowl that has plenty of room for the cream to grow. Second, know that the fouet is the best instrument to beat the whipped cream by hand, instead of spoons and other instruments, as it allows the mixture to be more aerated and reaches the consistency closest to the ideal.

By hand or in an electric mixer?

You can choose any of these methods, but of course the mixer greatly speeds up the process and avoids manual effort. Anyway, if done correctly, both processes get the same results. Many chefs even prefer to do the process by hand to have total control of the whipped cream point.

  • The process itself is simple and the same for those who do it with or without an electric mixer: start beating only the Whipped Milk Cream and, as soon as it starts to gain consistency, add the sugar little by little. The cream will gain consistency and turn into whipped cream as you beat.
  • The most important thing is to know that you should not beat the whipped cream too much, because otherwise the cream will turn into butter, changing its texture, color and flavor.
  • So stay tuned to the sweet spot. A trick to find the ideal consistency of the whipped cream is to pull some points of the cream with the fouet and see if the whipped cream can keep the shape of these peaks. Another tip is to take some of the cream with a spoon and turn it upside down: if the whipped cream doesn’t fall, it’s because it’s in the right spot.