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Ido Fishman Discusses Common Steak Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Who doesn’t want to get the perfect sear? Cooking a steak is no easy task and many people end up struggling with it because they cannot figure out where they are going wrong. Even a small error on your part can affect the overall taste and ruin your experience. The key is to understand the common steak mistakes and learn how to fix them in order to enjoy the perfect one. How can you do that? Ido Fishman is ready to help you out with this guide:

  • Not letting your steak rest at room temperature

Tossing in a cold steak in a hot pan is not going to help you; it only brings down the pan’s temperature. According to Ido Fishman, if the pan doesn’t have a high enough temperature, you will not be able to get the delicious crust you want in your steak. Thus, before you start cooking your steak, you should take it out of the fridge and let it rest at room temperature for half an hour.

  • Not patting your steak dry

You should always get rid of the excess moisture on your meat by patting it dry with a paper towel. If there is moisture on the meat, your steak will not be able to develop an even crust.

  • Skimping on the seasoning

If you want your steak to taste good, Ido Fishman suggests that you be generous with pepper and salt. Plus, you should also season the sides of the steak. It may appear to be a lot to you, but it is the only way you will get a steak that’s perfectly seasoned and flavorful throughout.

  • Using a non-stick pan

A cast-iron or a stainless steel pan is what you should be using. It is possible to transfer both of these pans to the oven, which is necessary later. In addition, Ido Fishman elaborates that these pans are capable of achieving the steady and high heat needed for making a great steak.

  • Not pre-heating the pan long enough

Your pan has to be heated for several minutes, or until you can feel it giving off heat when you hover your hand above it. Then you can add your steak and oil. Otherwise, the pan will simply not be hot enough and you will not get the perfect crust you want.

  • Using olive oil

According to the Ido Fishman blog, your priority should be to use an oil that has a high smoke point, such as sunflower, grapeseed, vegetable or canola. Using olive oil is not recommended because it has a low smoke point and will start burning quicker.

  • Moving the steak in the pan

Once you have put the steak in the pan, it is best not to touch it. Otherwise, it will not brown, caramelize or develop a nice crust. This phenomenon is referred to as Maillard reaction and you want to achieve it when you are cooking a steak. You can flip the steak after the crust forms. If the steak sticks to the pan, this means it is not ready, so you can wait a bit longer.

  • Not finishing cooking in an oven

After you have seared and basted your steak, Ido Fishman recommends that you pop it into the oven for getting an even cook. Bake it for a while, depending on the thickness of the steak and the doneness you are after.

  • Not letting it rest

Allow the juices to get absorbed by the steak by letting it rest at room temperature for about 10 minutes when it is cooked. They will get absorbed evenly and you will be able to enjoy a super tender meat. If you slice the steak when it comes straight out of the oven, the juice runs out and it will not taste as good.

Voila! Follow these Ido Fishman tips and you will have the perfect steak.

Cooking Tips

Have You Tasted These 8 Best Pizzas?

Pizza varieties have evolved over the years now! Previously the customer choices were limited to just cheese, sausage or pepperoni. Well, still a plenty of people opt for those simple pizzas. However, there are many pizza options available now, which have emerged as the favourites of the pizza lovers. The best thing about pizza is, it always has something for you. It is easy-going and comfortable. No matter what you’ve got on it, you can always rely on a steaming hot slice of pizza and munch away. Another good thing about pizza is that everything tastes good. After speaking to the pizza restaurant Vaucluse experts, we have come up with a list of best pizza in Vaucluse

  • Amalfi – This must try comes with a Tomato Base, Buffalo Mozzarella and Prosciutto. It offers a truly inspiring taste, and it is freakin’ good.
  • Americana – If you are craving some sumptuous pizza, then the authentic Americana is your go to pizza at a pizza restaurant Vaucluse. It comes with a Tomato Base,Oregano, Spicy Salami and Mozzarella. It could satisfy even the demanding taste buds.
  • Calabrese – For people who are looking to treat their taste buds with the flavours of Southern Italy, then Calabrese pizza is your go to recipe. Made with Tomato Base, Oregano, Onion, Capsicum, Olives, Anchovies, Mozzarella Cheese and Spicy Salami, it is the perfect one to satisfy your most intense pizza cravings.
  • Capricciosa – If you are a pizza lover, then you must try this legendary Calabrese pizza. This delectable treat contains Ham, Tomato Base, Mozzarella Cheese, Mushrooms, Oregano, Chilli Flakes and Italian Sausage. This Italian cuisine offers an abundance of taste, and is proliferated with variations across the pizza places Vaucluse.
  • Contadina – This delicious and flavourful pizza encompasses Oregano and Garlic with Italian Sausage, Rosemary, tasty sliced Potatoes and Mozzarella cheese. It offers a perfect balance of the tomato flavour and Italian seasonings.
  • Funghi – Also known as the mushroom pizza is one of the most preferred recipes across the world. It is traditionally topped with Tomato Base, Mozzarella Cheese, salt, Mushrooms, Parmesan with Oregano and Garlic.
  • Gamberi – As the name reads, Gamberi is the Italian word for prawns. Who can ever resist a pizza loaded with Fresh Prawns with Mozzarella Cheese and Chilli Flakes, Oregano, Parmesan, Salt and Garlic on the Tomato Base? This bright red and white coloured pizza is really a treat for the seafood lovers.
  • Margherita – The typical Margherita pizza is a simple pizza which tastes so good. It encompasses Mozzarella Cheese on Tomato Base with Fresh Basil and Oregano. One cannot really go wrong with choosing to munch on a classic like Margherita Pizza!
Cooking Tips

Fondue Recipe from Switzerland 2020

Delicious fondue is the ultimate comfort food that warms your heart and your soul. This national meal of Switzerland gained its popularity back in 1950 and lucky for us – it’s still around. This delicious dish has a lot of variations nowadays – both sweet and savory versions. However, the original idea for the fondue is still one of the best ideas out there.

What is fondue and how is it made?

If you still haven’t discovered the complete pleasure fondue is, and you’re wondering what is it and what is the big deal about this meal, search no more. You are about to discover some yummy news.

Fondue is a traditional Swiss meal made out of completely melted creamy cheese combined with some delicious white wine and cherry brandy. And if you think that’s some breathtakingly delicious food, you’re going to be even more stunned when you discover that this cheese heaven is served with some delicious bread. Cheese is melted in a special fondue pot called “caquelon” and it’s tasted by dipping bread with special fondue forks that are long-stemmed with a round handle.

This dish is made and served in the same pot that’s located on the metal pad with a heat source (it can be either candles or a heater). This heat source keeps melted cheese at the perfect temperature the entire time you need it.

What is the best fondue recipe?

There are a lot of fondue recipes out there, everyone is adjusting the original one to their preferences and sharing it with the rest of the world. But what is the best recipe for the original Swiss fondue?

The most important thing is to start with the right cheese. The most used cheese in Swiss fondue is Gruyere with the addition of one more creamy cheese, mostly Emmental or Vacherin Fribourgeois. It’s quite obvious that the cheese is the most important part of this meal, but what are some other ingredients that you need to get the best fondue? Here is a simple, yet very delicious fondue recipe.

The Swiss Fondue recipe

What you’ll need:

  • a garlic clove
  • white wine (200 ml)
  • Gruyere cheese (200 g, cut into pieces)
  • Vacherin Fribourgeois cheese (200 g, cut into pieces)
  • cornstarch (2 smaller spoons)
  • cherry brandy (adjust it to taste, small amounts)
  • spices as desired (pepper, salt, chili…)
  • bread (cut into squares)

How to prepare the best Swiss fondue:

Before anything, rub a fondue pot with a garlic clove quite generously. After that add your already cut cheese mixed with white wine and cornstarch and mix on moderate heat until the cheese is completely melted. Add just a bit of cheery brandy, and season it as desired. Keep it at medium heat even after it’s done in order to keep your cheese melted. Stick some bread onto the fondue forks and enjoy.

If you think this sounds delicious but don’t have the time to put this kind of effort, you can always order some of the best fondues directly to your home with just a few simple clicks on Fasivery. You can enjoy the perfect Swiss fondue in the comfort of your own home whenever you want it.

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Why not learn more about Recipes

For The Love of Food Since time immemorial, people are very much aware that they do so many things every single day. People should come to an understanding that many individuals are fully aware of the desire that they have in terms of eating different food cuisines. Ever since people were born, eating had practically become one of the many things that they love to do every single day. You have to realize that eating is actually a way for people to survive in this world. You need to bear in mind that people are starting to get fat because of the idea of eating too much. One of the things that you need to know is that people find it hard to be in their ideal weight due to their obsession to food.

The sad truth is that improvements are not visible nowadays even if there had been a lot of fitness programs being introduced already.

You have to know that food is actually very powerful that it can lure any human being in this world. The power of food is actually the same as what drugs and other substances can do. If you had been reading articles in the web, you would come to realize that food can actually make people acquire certain complications along the way. Due to people’s selfish desires on food, they have been at risk with so many complications along the way. People should bear in mind that eating food must come in moderation.

Every single time you eat, there are so many parts of your body that are being affected by the digestion of food. You have to realize that when people to take in too much food in their body systems, it may endanger the processes of the body as a whole. It is important for you to make sure that you watch the carbohydrates that you take in your system. Since you are trying to be very careful with the things you eat, you have to make sure that you assess the things you buy for your groceries.

People should bear in mind that eating must be put into control because it may possibly create so many problems along the way. If you want to know if you are having food addiction, there are a lot of manifestations that you will get to witness within yourself. Salivating, inability to focus, and even your heartbeat will tell you that you are currently suffering from food addiction. You need to make sure that you know how to hold back when it comes to eating too much. Given the fact that you are fully aware of the consequences of food addiction, you will be more in control of yourself in the coming days.

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Thrills of Smoking Food in one’s Life

You might have come across the making of food on high temperatures but even though a distinct reminding of what cold cooking is may not be coming to you. Well, just to add more to your knowledge, this kind of cooking is almost similar to hot smoking, except that the temperature of the cooking is very low here. The basic of it is that it is kept at the temperature ranging between 80 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature should never go higher than 120 degrees. The time may generally take from four hours to four days. And the additional yet cautious information is that if the temperature goes above then it becomes a form of hot smoking.

The cold-smoked food include bacon, sausage, ham, cheese, and most importantly fish. Salt is added before smoking fish to prevent the goring of bacteria. There are seasons that are determined for cold-smoked food. In summers, it is usually done very less because the temperature that is required for cold smoking exceeds and touches the requirements for hot smoked foods. For cold-smoked foods, smoke is transferred to the cooking container by piping as in this way heat can be regulated in an easy way.

Smoking food with the help of electric smokers has become the most healthy and reliable way of cooking. The best part is that it can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. You can control the temperature depending upon the kind of food you are cooking on it. And it is not just the flesh that is cooked; vegetables also get a different taste if made with these electric smokers.

If talking about food smokers then they are the best way to add exceptional flavors which cannot be done in any other method. If you are smoking meat then steam is made to cover the entire flesh which enables the meat to cook slowly and take its own time becoming fully smoked. There are usually three steps to smoke the food. The first step is more about flavor than preserving. Flavors such as herbs and spices are added as seasonings followed by the salting process. The second process involves drying out in a controlled humidity and the final stage is where actual smoking process takes place. Tarry deposits from the smoke kettle on the food. You can further hot-smoke or cold-smoke your food after here.

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The Different Ways to Use Alfredo Sauce in Your Cooking

Whether you make it at home or buy it pre-made from the store, Alfredo sauce can spice up any dish, and even the fussiest eaters love its flavor. Better yet, though, is the fact that it is such a versatile sauce, if you have some handy there are so many things that can be made. Make sure it is always in the fridge or pantry so the next time you are having guests over for dinner or need to whip up a quick meal for the family, there will be plenty of options for meals to make.

Chicken Alfredo is a classic dish and it is almost impossible to go wrong with it. Kids, adults, and picky eaters alike will love the simplicity and succulence of this dish. Use a boneless, skinless, grilled chicken breast and simply pour the warmed sauce on top after it is already cooked for something easy to serve. Breaded chicken can also be used if you are looking to spice it up, or to add substance, serve it over a bed of pasta.

Speaking of pasta, everyone loves fettuccini Alfredo–it is an Italian favorite. This is also a fairly versatile meal, as you can use white noodles to make everyone’s favorite comfort food, or get in your whole grains and add texture by using wheat pasta instead. There are plenty of ways this meal can be spiced up. For instance, you can add in some roasted peppers, carrots, broccoli, or your favorite veggie for some extra flavor and substance.

Almost any meat can be added into an Alfredo pasta dish. Consider chopping up some chicken and mixing it in with the noodles, or even use shrimp or crab if you are feel like making something a bit more fancy. Better yet, nothing goes better with pasta than meatballs, and using this creamy sauce as an alternative to traditional tomato sauce is a new twist on an old favorite. You can even mix up the type of noodle for fun!

One thing the at-home chef may not have thought of is adding it to macaroni and cheese. When making good old mac ‘n cheese in the slow cooker, add in a cup or two–depending on the portions–of Alfredo to make it richer and creamier and add some delicious flavor. It will bring the texture of the meal to a whole different level and create macaroni and cheese like your kids have never seen before.

It is possible to make a different meal with Alfredo sauce for every night of the week. It is a great complement to almost any type of meat, whether it is chicken, seafood, or meatballs. In addition, almost any veggies go great in one of these dishes. Add it to macaroni and cheese or even a casserole to make it richer and creamier, or simply put it on top of a chicken cutlet for a quick and easy meal.

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How to Cook Salmon – A Recipe for Beginners

If you’re like most foodies, you probably don’t eat much fish. That’s fine because at a day and age when most people only have time for meals they can eat on the go, who can actually sit down and plan out a recipe that involves fish? Or Google how to cook salmon? Not you, that’s for sure!

But I tell you now, in the time it takes you to read this article, I can show you not only how to cook salmon but cook it so well you can eat the fish for 130 days and not grow tired of it!

Shall we start? Here’s your first lesson on how to cook salmon.

  1. Take the salmon and cut it in the middle. Why the middle? Because you want to create a “pocket”. That won’t happen if you cut the fish all the way through.
  2. Stuff small lemon slices into your “pocket”. If you’re feeling adventurous, add some black pepper and about two cloves of garlic, chopped.
  3. Cover your salmon with aluminum foil but don’t seal it off. Instead, close the foil loosely.
  4. Heat oven (up to 350 degrees) and then pop your salmon in.
  5. Let the salmon cook for 8 to 10 minutes before you check to see if it’s fully cooked. Is the meat flaky? Heavy? If you feel that the fish is a wee bit undercooked, put it back in the oven and wait for 3 to 4 minutes more.

Finally, take your salmon out. Leave it in the foil for a few minutes more before you serve it up with your favorite sauce. Complement with butter, lemon, or marinara.

See? It’s not so difficult to learn how to cook salmon, is it? This recipe is simple and takes little time to cook. Once you’ve mastered it, you can move on to more difficult recipes that require use of a grill or a stove top.