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All work without play makes Jack a dull boy they say, and this has been confirmed to be a fact. Considering the time, you spent at your workplace, each week, the people you work with can become not just your colleagues but friends as well. However, to promote and ensure a good relationship with those you work with, you should get to know more about them, and this can only be done when you spend quality time besides your workplace. Whether you are already on good terms with them or trying to know them more, here are the activities to better promote friendship among colleagues.

Go on a Picnic

Inviting your colleagues over a table of barbecue or going to a local park can help create an atmosphere to know each other, which is also a perfect opportunity to meet and associate with their families and make new friends.

Plan on Bowling as a Company

Do you like games? This is an activity that can help bond coworkers outside the office. Plan on hosting or organizing a bowling event among yourselves to ensure maximum cooperation even in the firm.

Hit the Gym Together

If you have a similar fitness or health goal with most of your colleagues, become each other’s workout buddy and visit the gym together after work. It also can be done before work if you discover how weak you might be after work. You can likewise decide to go for hiking or walking around a neighborhood after work.

Go on a family shopping

Most people after work, go shopping for their families usually over the weekend. A colleague who has the same interest as you can decide to join in the shopping activity. You can take coworkers along to get gift baskets for your family, and this makes colleagues know more about themselves, their do’s and don’ts can also be discovered.

Schedule Play Dates

A relationship can be easily established through planning on a playdate. This should be decided by a parent, they can plan on a play date for kids. Your kids can widen their friend’s circle and socialize with other kids, while you enjoy your conversation with your colleague.

Be in Participation in a Community Event

You and your coworkers can also involve yourselves in community events like visiting the homeless, assisting with a food drive and helping the ageing and helpless parents. It helps to know your colleagues more if they are kind, rude or nasty.

However, in other to know your colleague, it involves your time and effort. You can’t conclude on how well or bad someone is till you get to know more about them. Cooperating or working together with your coworkers ensures efficiency and progress in the firm.