bitter kola

It’s a wise saying let food be your medicine and medicine be your food and it’s no exception to bitter Kola. The benefits of kola fruit are not restricted to traditional events solely. It is a proven fact that the fruit, nuts, and plant covering of the plant all have been utilized for centuries in traditional medicine to treat illnesses from coughs to fever.

The sour fruit that is known to carry a rich source of vitamins and minerals for instance, Vitamins, fiber, calcium, iron and also other antioxidants.

Pertaining to this, detailed examination was conducted by recognized institutions companies that buy bitter kola in USA to discover out the potential curative characteristics of the kola plant. The outcomes of the study are not only astonishing, they’re farfetched as well.

It recovers sexual ineffectiveness

Research has revealed when at the same time it is the question to enhancement of sexual desires, particularly amid men folk, bitter kola is power. Kola nut does not limits to upsurge sex drive, it as well recovers the sexual functionality of men who devour the nut and to the effectiveness, and it is recommended to chew the kola nut for minimum of two minutes before intimation.

Bitter Kola does not only enhances sex drive, it also improves the sexual efficiency of men who consume it. Once you have the remedy: Progress your efficiency in making love by eating bitter kola.

Treatment for joints erosion

Osteoarthritis is the erosion of joint cartilage and the core bone that give rise to pain and rigidity, particularly in the hip, knee, and thumb joints. It is the most reported form of arthritis. As per the studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health, the causes of Osteoarthritis can contain joint injury, fatness, and aging. Though a research at the leading educational institution in Nigeria conducted examination considering the benefits of bitter kola for arthritis symptoms and the consequence determines that bitter kola potentially reduced swelling and pain. It also improved joint flexibility in patients that had osteoarthritis indications.

It fights STDs

From the time of the rise of sexually conveyed infections, honorable scientists have been fighting night and day to introduce lasting solution to end this plague.

Though their fight may seem rather tough as a consequence of the complexity of the diseases, outcomes have revealed that seed and leaf of bitter kola have antibacterial properties.

It progresses lungs performance

The fibrous lung tissues not only restored when bitter kola is taken regularly in a restricted amount, it also soothes any other reaction. Moreover, it aids in the development of healthy respiratory trail as well as healing any signs of chest cold.

It strengthen immunity and boost metabolism

Bitter kola has rich reserves of antioxidant. These reserves of antioxidants carried by a bitter kola not only benefits in fighting bacteria and other infections, it also helps the body to raise its immunity levels consequently when the resistance level of the body is enhanced, it becomes robust enough to fight against any outer attack of disease.