Popular Pizza Varieties To Try In Newtown

Pizza holds a special place in the hearts of many.  Whether it is a craving for the pizza or a quick bite on the go, this simple food satisfies your appetite. This Italian creation has been reformed and altered in various ways, but in keeping with the traditional taste and flavour.  What is not to love about pizza? Whether you make it for yourself at home or grab one from a pizza restaurant at Newtown, you must know about the popular pizza varieties to satiate your taste buds.   Try these most preferred pizza types as stated by the experts at pizza restaurant Newtown.

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  • Americana Pizza – This Americana Pizza type features generously shredded amounts of mozzarella, zesty tomato base, spicy salami and Oregano. This is the most preferred choice among the locals.
  • Montanara Pizza – If you are looking to order delicious and appetising best pizza in Newtown, go for the Montanara Pizza. It consists of a delicious Cream Base, mushrooms, ham, Oregano and filled with Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese. This pizza is deep fried rather than baked, which gives out a different flavour and texture.
  • Calabrese Pizza – This is the most preferred choice of pizza among the health conscious people. It includes minimal amount grated cheese with a light and crispy base. This delicious pizza has Anchovies, Olives, Onion, Capsicum with Spicy Salami, Oregano and mild Mozzarella cheese, with a tomato base.
  • Napoli Pizza – Also known as the Naples-style pizza, it is rich with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. This traditional flat style of pizza comes with high protein content. It has a Tomato Base with Olives, Anchovies, topped with Mozzarella cheese and oregano.
  • Capricciosa Pizza – This Italian cuisine is prepared with Ham, Mushrooms, Italian Sausage, and oregano on a tomato base with Mozzarella cheese. It comes with a twist, topped with chilli flakes. You can’t just resist this Australian barbecue inspired dish.
  • Pollo Pizza – To enjoy a totally guilt-free eating without compromising on the traditional pizza taste, try the Pollo Pizza. It has a Tomato Base, topped with Mushrooms, shredded Chicken Breast, Onion, Oregano, Garlic and grated Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Order pizza delivery Newtown, and enjoy this authentic Italian recipe. It comes with a thick-style and unbeatable flavour.
  • Contadina Pizza – Inspired by the tomato products and bread crumbs, the Contadina Pizza comprises of tangy tomato base, Sliced Potatoes, Italian Sausage, Garlic, sprinkled with Rosemary and Oregano leaves. It also has the shredded Mozzarella cheese on top.

Order pizza delivery Newtown and enjoy the deliciousness of cheese, tomato and seafood or chicken seasoned with garlic or oregano. Now that you know the most popular pizza types, all you have to now is try them all. Buonappetito!