If you are the manager or an owner of a commercial hospitality or restaurant business, then you should always make sure that the various waste-water disposal systems which operate in your premises are functioning efficiently while making sure that they conform to the regulatory standards on sanitation in your area. Furthermore, if your kitchen has a grease trap then you should make sure that this essential disposal system is maintained and cleaned regularly. If you keep a clean grease trap then it will prevent oils and fats from entering the water system which can cause significant problems in the future, including the creation of fat bergs, or blocked waste disposal lines to your establishment.

Reduce the level of Grease

One of the simplest ways that you can reduce the amount of grease entering the water system is to reduce your consumption of various oils, fats and other types of grease which is used in the hospitality industry. If you do not discard waste-water containing fats and oils down the drain, then you can make sure your grease trap remains relatively clean throughout the entirety of its lifetime. One simple tip that your staff can follow is to make sure any dishes are cleared of food or other solid waste before being washed up in the sink. Indeed, if you put less grease into the drain then your grease trap will operate more efficiently and last for much longer.

Do not throw away wasting your grease trap

Another simple tip that you can follow is to avoid throwing plastic or paper products, including napkins or cups into the drain. Particular items of waste must be thrown away into recycling bins while these items are generally not meant for disposal into a grease trap as they can backup or block the line. This situation can lead to a shutdown of your business for maintenance or repair which can also cost your business a significant amount of money as well as negative publicity. To make sure your employees are aware of what they can and can’t put into the grease trap, you should make sure they are trained appropriately in which kind of items should be disposed of in which receptacle.

Cleaning your grease trap

Making sure your grease trap is working efficiently is an important part of your business as it maintains hygiene and sanitation standards. However, if you have a problem with your waste-water disposal system then you should make sure you hire a company which can provide grease trap cleaning in Sydney to keep your business operating at its optimum performance. Therefore, to make sure you have a clean grease trap you should always hire a licensed company to make sure there are no blockages or fat-bergs within the pipes.

Regular maintenance

Another simple tip that you can follow to make sure you do not have the potential problem of losing business by having to close the restaurant is to frequently maintain your grease trap. This simple process can make sure you do not have unexpected costs or downtime in the future as a result of unsanitary or dangerous grease traps in your establishment.

Follow these simple tips to make sure you don’t have problems with your grease trap in the future.