If you are about to host a dinner party and the stress is beginning to show, you are in luck. With the right planning and preparation, anyone can master the art of hosting the perfect dinner party. Of course, a lot depends on your guests and the ambience you are going to create, but with a carefully planned menu, and well stocked bar, your dinner party will be one that is remembered for all the right reasons.


Do your Homework


Your guests are critical to creating the ideal experience, so you need to consider age, lifestyle, and common ground, as all of these will have a bearing on your choices. If it is an informal gathering of good friends, perhaps to celebrate a promotion, or even a birthday, then the atmosphere can be a little more upbeat and jovial. You might be entertaining a group of business people, and they do not all know each other, in which case some soft background music, and a comfortable seating area away from the dining table would be ideal.


The Menu


An essential component of the dining experience, the menu you choose should be something that isn’t too hard to prepare. Fish is an excellent choice, as most people are health conscious these days, and with a wide range available online, ordering isn’t an issue. If you are situated in the London area, and are looking for a fishmonger in Twickenham, there are online suppliers of the finest fresh fish that is delivered to your door in no time. If poultry or game is preferred, the fishmonger would be able to supply your chosen cuts, and with a selection of cheeses and smokes meats, you can place a single order that covers everything. Wine should be served with the meal, and the choice very much depends on the menu, but as a rule, stick with whites for fish and poultry, while red is good for red meats and game.


The Ambience


As important as the food, the atmosphere is crucial to help the guests relax and feel comfortable. The right lighting is important, and if your home is equipped with LED lights with dimmer switches, lighting levels can easily be changed. Soft background music is preferred, with the volume at such a level where conversation is not affected. Your bar should be stocked with your guests’ favourites, and there needs to be an ample supply of ice, and a selection of nuts would be nice.


The Host


Whether or not the event is successful, very much depends on you. With the right preparation, and help if needed, the host should have ample time for conversation, and spend as much time as possible with the guests. Very often, dialogue is not forthcoming with people who are not familiar with each other, and the host should be the one to create dialogue with carefully placed comments.


For some, hosting a dinner party is a traumatic experience, yet with a little planning and a whole lot of preparation, it can be as enjoyable for the host, as it is for the guests.