Natural Foods

The most economical way to eat organic and save money is to buy foods in bulk. Bulk organic food buying is a eco-friendly way to stay healthy and live well. Though it may seem intimidating purchasing large quantities by the pound, it definitely pays off. There are several food items that allow you to save the most time and effort when purchased in bulk. This helps you meal prep and have a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner. Purchasing bulk natural foods online or at your local grocery store, co-op, and farmers market is easy. Simplify storing with proper pantry space, containers and labels. When it’s time to meal plan, you will already have the pantry fundamentals. Most fresh and raw produce is perishable. In most countries it is common to visit the market and buy goods daily. In the States, we have stores that accommodate your bulk needs.

Bulk Food Types

There are many types of foods in bulk, no matter your diet. Many vegan or plant based lifestyles require seeds, nuts and fruits. Which are readily available whether it’s strawberries, blueberries, figs or apples. Pumpkin, sunflower and hemp seeds are an option as well. Many flours, rice and grains are available to buy in bulk. Chickpeas are the most commonly sought after bulk food. Their versatility and flavor make them irresistible. If you are pescatarian or live a Keto or Paleo lifestyle there is not a shortage of bulk chicken, turkey, beef, wild salmon, or tuna. Some of the best bulk organic food purchases are dried fruit or frozen fruit, herbs, spices, grains, and pasta.

Purchasing Pantry Fundamentals

Every pantry is not created equally. We all have different lifestyles, but when it comes to healthy lifestyles there can never be a shortage of certain items. Every pantry can benefit from a healthy supply of raw nuts like cashews, walnuts and brazil nuts for snacks or trail mix. Organic sweeteners such as stevia, monk fruit, or agave are always handy. For baked goods, always remember flour, baking soda, salt and herbs. Spices are a primary pantry fundamental, especially for taco night or a spiced cashew trail mix.

Storing Bulk Natural Foods

Bulk Natural Foods

The world of containers and labels partner well with bulk natural foods. Most items may have a limited shelf life and should have a written expiration date. While some are able to stay in the freezer for years with no problem. Keeping items in an airtight container, stored in a cool dry place is vital for bulk storage. Many items can become rancid due to exposure to air over a long period of time. Most items purchased in bulk will not have preservatives and need proper storage. Finding the right container is essential, there are many non-porous containers that will help maintain the freshness and quality of many bulk items. Placing a label on the container will help prevent confusing sugar with salt.

Meal prepping Bulk Organic Foods

Keeping bulk foods on hand creates peace of mind when it comes to making and planning meals. You have access to a large variety of ingredients, which makes visits to the store quick and easy. You would only need to shop for specialized items you wouldn’t keep in bulk. This provides a chance to save time and money when it comes to meal prep. Your cost per portion will decrease drastically and so will your carbon footprint. The meal prepping will help you maintain your healthy lifestyle by providing you the foods you need to fuel and live well in bulk quantities.