What Are The Different Uses For An Icemaker


    Running a restaurant requires a lot of equipment that people will not find in their homes. This is because restaurants have to be able to make a wide range of different meals and drinks. Customers want a wide range of choice, and the equipment in the kitchen allows waiters and chefs to make sure that everything can be made correctly.

    One of the most important pieces of equipment in the professional kitchen is an icemaker. This is a machine which has lots of different uses and can prove to be extremely useful.

    The ice machine needs to be regularly maintained so that it does not develop any problems. An inefficient or broken ice machine will cause you a headache and you will want it to be repaired as soon as is practical. What are the different uses for an icemaker?

    Cooling Drinks

    When people visit a restaurant, they want to have a nice cold drink to accompany their meal. As well as keeping drinks stored in the freezer, you should also think about buying an ice maker in Perth for the kitchen. Waiters will be able to fill up a glass with ice before they pour a drink over it. Then the customers will be happy that they have received an ice-cold drink rather than a lukewarm one. This ice-cold drink will enhance their enjoyment of the entire meal.

    The ice machine should be inspected on a regular basis to make sure that it can still work properly without any technical hitches.

    Make Ice For Desserts

    Some desserts are going to be served warm, whilst others are served ice cold. You can use ice from the icemaker in the desserts that are being made. This is especially useful when the dessert is something like a sorbet.

    Making Milkshakes

    Some restaurants pride themselves on the fact that they make delicious milkshakes. You can make this a part of a menu when you have installed an ice machine. Think of several different flavours which will suit everyone’s tastes. The waiters will be able to learn how to make all the different flavours of a milkshake. The ice machine needs to be working all of the time so that there are no delays when people order a milkshake.

    Using ice in the milkshake is healthy, and you can make milk-free milkshakes for any vegans who have happened to stop by your restaurant. The milkshakes will still be thick and delicious if you are just making them with crushed ice and fruit. People will compliment you on the quality of the milkshakes which you are providing.

    Helping Kitchen Staff Cool Burns

    Sometimes kitchen staff might burn themselves, but not seriously enough that they need to go and see a doctor. When this happens, ice from the machine can be wrapped in a towel and then put around the injured area. The burn will start to cool down in next to no time at all.

    You should buy an ice machine as soon as you can.