Types Of Bars You Can Find Nearby


There are a number of occasions on which people love to have a drink, especially to mark any celebration. A bar such a place where drink to please themselves. Going out for a drink is the best way to reward you. But it depends on lot of factors, like what state of mind you are having, reason for celebration, whom you are with etc.

Before heading out for a drink, there are a number of questions that pops-up in your head. Where to drink? Where to find a bar? Which bar is the nearest one? Which is the best one? Which bars are open now? Answers to these questions are provided by online bar locators, where you can type bars near me open now to get access to the services of the bar you chose. These locators can tell you the number and types of bars open near you.

All bars are not same and so are their styles and services offered. Let us discuss the types of bars you can find nearby.

Sports Bars

As the name indicates, it is a type of bar where the sports fans meet over beer and watch the ongoing match displayed on the huge TV screen installed on the wall. These places are usually packed up during popular sporting events. Here people cheer for their teams while enjoying their drink.

Resto Bars  

It is newest type of bar. It is formed by combining two most gladdening things for everyone i.e. food and drinks. These bars serve its customers with the best cuisines complemented with the best drinks. These bars have taken the drinking experience to another level.

Cocktail Bar

The cocktail bar is normally located within a restaurant, airport or hotel. The cocktail bars offer a number of drinks. You can pick up anything according to your choice. A bartender is there to serve you and prepares your cocktail drink. So, take your time and enjoy the cocktails.


Clubs are generally discos where people dance with their heart out while enjoying their drinks. Clubs are mostly dimly lit place and quite dark. These bars also offer different types of drinks like wine, beer, tequila in shots.

These are some of the common types of bars that you can see nearby you. Find one using bar locators and reward yourself with a drink.