The Best Vietnamese Dishes That Aren’t Pho


Vietnamese dishes have a very unique taste that is not easily forgotten. The combination of flavors and aromas fill the soul. Many people would think of Pho when Vietnamese food is heard. Pho is delicious but there are also other Vietnamese dishes that are just as good or maybe even better. Vietnamese dishes have a variety of tastes, from salty, spicy, sour and sweet. The Vietnamese people have different techniques in preparing each recipe which brings out the Vietnamese culture. They patiently prepare each ingredient. They use different herbs and spices that make their food taste different from all other international cuisines. Here are some examples of the best Vietnamese food in Singapore that aren’t Pho.

Ca Kho ToOrBraised Catfish

A clay pot is used to braise the catfish to bring out the flavour of the dish.Ca Kho Tois braised slowly with savory fish sauce, sugar, garlic and black pepper. As the sugar caramelizes, it brings out the aroma of sweetness and saltiness. Ca Kho To is topped with green onion and fresh chillies that makes the aroma even more tempting. The moist and tender fish with a salty sweet taste will make you want more and more. It can be eaten with rice, bread or vermicelli.

Bun Cha

 Bun Chais a small platter of rice vermicelli with a basket of herbs, sausage patties, pickled vegies, bean sprouts and nuoccham sauce. Nuoccham sauce is very important in this dish since it gives flavour to it. Pour the nuoccham sauce over all the ingredients then mix. You now have a tasty platter of Bun Cha.


BanhCuon is rolled rice cake dough that is steamed. Then minced mushroom and meat will be stuffed inside the rolled rice cake. BanhCuon is then served and bits of fried shallots are placed on top with nuoccham dipping sauce. The soft rice cake and the other ingredients combined give a different texture to the dish. The sauce gives BanhCuon a kick. This is just right for breakfast or if you are looking for something light to eat. Nuoccham is commonly used as a dipping sauce for Vietnamese dishes.

GoiCuonOrSpring Rolls

Though GoiCuon means salad roll, many people still call it spring rolls. Inside this spring rolls are shrimp, herbs and vegetables. It is then dipped with nuoccham sauce. The wrapper is made out of rice. GoiCuon is ideal for people who are watching their diet.

CheTroiNuocOrSweet Rice Ball Soup

This is made up of sticky rice balls stuffed with sweet beans. Some people prefer it to just to be plain. CheTroiNuoc is eaten as a dessert. The sticky rice balls are boiled with bits of ginger, water and sugar. You can tell if the CheTroiNuoc is cooked when the sweet rice balls has already floated to the surface. It’s something that the whole family can enjoy, especially the kids.

BahnXeoOrSizzling Crepe

The batter of BahnXeo is made up of turmeric to give it a yellow color, rice flour and coconut milk. BahnXeo is fried in a pan together with the shrimp and bean sprouts. You also can eat BahnXeo with herbs and lettuce. It’s an ideal dish for breakfast or a light snack before a meal.

ChaoOrVietnamese Porridge 

Chao has a creamy distinctive taste that can be good when you are suffering from a hangover or a cold. The porridge is cooked to perfection. It is then topped with chicken or beef. It is seasoned with fish sauce, mongo sprouts or slices of lime. They also add fried dough. You can have it spicy as well.

When you go to a restaurant, don’t just order Pho. Pho is good but it is also good to try other Vietnamese food. You will be able to understand part of their culture once you have tried their food. You wouldn’t need to worry if you have allergies or avoiding certain types of food since they have a wide array of dishes that may be good for you. Eating the best Vietnamese food in Singapore can be an adventure since you will be discovering something about Vietnam while satisfying your cravings.