More Ways to Enjoy Your Popcorn Treat


When people say the word “popcorn,” the first thing that registers in your head is fresh kernels out of the popcorn machine, laced with salt and butter-the stereotype you finds in cinemas. Of course these days you can also get serving popcorn in different flavours, such as cheese, caramel, and chocolate, depending on your preference. But how else can you enjoy a popcorn treat?

If you are tired of the usual flavours like the ones mentioned above, then you may want to experiment not only on other flavours, but also on other ways to prepare popcorn that will surely make your day:

  1. Pumpkin spice popcorn

In the western countries, autumn is already fast approaching, and so is the time for pumpkin spice latte. A lot of coffee shops are starting to offer their own versions of the popular pumpkin spice latte due to the said season, and who says you can’t have that too?

If you want a taste of autumn on your popcorn, then you may go for the pumpkin spice flavour. You can use pumpkin spice flavouring and mix it with cooked popcorn in the same manner you do with cheese or garlic flavours, and you’re all set.

Meanwhile, if you want a healthier alternative, then you can use canned pumpkin and caramel and mix them with the popcorn, so that you have a bowl of popcorn and pumpkin spice for dessert.

  1. Apple pie popcorn

While popcorn is consumed by picking the kernels piece by piece then putting them into your mouth, they can also be enjoyed in spoonfuls. One way to devour popcorn is by using the kernels as a base for apple pie. Yes, instead of the traditional pie shell or crushed graham crackers, you can use popcorn then top it off with apple and cinnamon. You can also mix all three together in a bowl and eat it in spoonfuls just like cereal treats.

  1. Salted caramel popcorn

Salted caramel is famous in ice cream and chocolate variants, but who says you cannot use the same flavour on popcorn? In fact, you can come up with your own salted caramel recipe and add it in your popcorn bowl!

You may dissolve sugar and turn it into syrup before drizzling it on your kernels, or you can use maple syrup instead if you want a healthier version. Either way, the taste is almost just as the same: sweet and delicious!

  1. Popcorn parmesan

If you want a savoury take on popcorn and would like to do it Italian style, then you may do a simple recipe consisting of olive oil and parmesan cheese. Instead of adding butter on kernels that are straight out of a popcorn machine, you may drizzle olive oil instead, and then mix in grated parmesan cheese. You may also add ground herbs and spices to boost the savoury goodness of the two main ingredients.

You may have to shake the bowl of popcorn well so that each kernel is coated with cheese and oil. This way you get to feel the Italian taste of the recipe on your kernels.

  1. Marshmallow popcorn balls

If you want to consume popcorn in bigger bite sizes, then you will need an adhesive that will keep them together. In this case, you can use melted marshmallows. You can start by melting marshmallows, and once they are gooey and sticky, you can add freshly cooked popcorn on it and mix them well. Once done, you can scoop the popcorn-marshmallow mixture and form them into balls. Afterwards you can roll them on different flavours, such as chocolate, candy sprinkles, ground nuts, or even coconut shavings.