Maintain a proper diet in pregnancy


Being pregnant is one of the best feelings in this world. At the same time, during this tenure one has to be very careful about each and everything. The most important thing during this time is to keep on a check on what you eat. There is a special pregnancy diet which has to be followed by a pregnant woman. One can take advice of a dietician during this period so that they can help out with the proper pregnancy diet with them.

There are many pregnancy food recipes which one can have and by that they can maintain a healthy diet regime. It is all about eating right and providing nutrition to your foetus and maintaining g a good health. Though there is a myth that when you are pregnant, you need to eat for two because there is another life growing inside you. This idea is absolutely rubbish. You only need only 300 calories more from your normal intake when you are pregnant. If you actually eat more and gain a lot of weight, then it can be very harmful for the foetus growing inside you. As a result, there can be complications in delivery too.

  • One has to eat balanced diet during this time. This means there should be food from all the groups. Do not live on only one thing like only dairy products or only carbohydrates. You need everything balanced during this time. The most important things that you need to eat during this time are fresh fruits, lots of green vegetables and dairy products as well.
  • Iron is also very essential in pregnancy. This helps the woman to not get anaemic and it increases the number of red blood cells in the human body. As a result, there is always a good oxygen circulation in it. For a good amount of iron intake one has to eat things like sprouts, beet, and drumsticks.
  • One can have a lot of dried fruits in their pregnancy diet. This helps you to have instant energy and it also has a lot of fibre in it. They have a lot of dietary calcium in them and as a result they are very beneficial in pregnancy.
  • If you love to eat salads, then do not forget to add some sesame seeds in them. They have a lot of folic acid inside and it has a huge importance because they help in growing the DNA synthesis in the developing foetus. So, this is a must in every pregnancy diet.
  • One has to have a good amount of protein when they are pregnant. There are a lot of proteins in vegetables and dairy products. One should also need at least two servings of fish in a week so that they can intake the omega fatty acid in their body as they are very essential. Pulses and legumes can also be eaten on a regular basis to maintain a healthy diet.
  • Try to add some chicken or vegetable soup in your daily diet. You can have them as a snack item whenever you feel hungry and do not have any ready to eat meals or deep fried things.

There are many healthy recipes for pregnant ladies that they can try and if they suffer from morning sickness then they can have ginger juice in the morning.