Looking For The Best Hot Dog Supplier In Toronto?


Hot dogs are something that is unlikely to ever go out of fashion.  This is because they are a quick and tasty snack which can be had at almost every street corner and they can be customized to suit your own tastes through a variety of sauces and other additions.  Even the bread they are in can be adjusted to suit your taste buds.

Whether you are looking to simply buy hot dogs to eat at home or looking in a wholesale capacity you will want to know that you have purchased the best quality hot dogs possible.  Fortunately this part is easy!  Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory is the premium supplier of hot dogs in Toronto.  They have become famous for the products which have been sold since 1927!

There are a variety of reasons why this firm can be considered the best hot dog supplier in Toronto:


The firm has been established for ninety years.  During this time it has developed with the demands of the consumer.  The fact that they are still trading is a testimony to the service they offer.  Their range of products includes hot dogs as well as burgers, steaks and a variety of other meat products.  The emphasis of their service is on ensuring the customer receives excellent service every time.  This is borne out by the evidence social media sites and through happy customers.

Meat Quality

They also insist on using the best quality meat products in their recipes.  They have a dedicated team whose role is to ensure every product meets the stringent standards they impose on themselves.  Using a quality meat product is essential to ensure their customers are happy and return time and time again.  Much of the reputation they have generated is dependent upon the excellent service they offer combined with a top quality product.

Health and Safety

Every part of the production process is carefully controlled to ensure the correct health and safety procedures are being followed.  This is essential to ensure no one develops a sickness after eating their products; something which could be extremely detrimental to their business.  Ensuring the strict controls are adhered to is the best way of preventing any issues before they happen.  They are also extremely keen on displaying all the nutrition details for each of their products; you will always know what you are eating.


The way in which a supplier reacts to you as a new customer can tell you volumes regarding the way they treat their customers and the viability of any relationship with a particular hot dog supplier in Toronto.  The best firms will always be polite and friendly from the moment you contact them; they recognize the importance of customer satisfaction.


Finally, the cost of the product does have a bearing on your decision.  You may have a specific budget, especially if you are looking to do this as your own food store or wagon.  It is important to find a balance between the best tasting and the cheapest option.  This is certainly something that this firm covers well.