Food Is Important For The Survival Of Living Beings


No existing thing can live without some kind of nourishment. Food is needed for growth, renewing of the shattered parts of the body, producing the required warmth and supplying the necessary strength for the body. In the case of human beings and animals food is taken in for fulfillment too. Read more here Psykoterapi uddannelse

Plants require food to turn out fruits and flowers and for growth and maintenance. The increased food and nourishments they draw, they can produce a better quality of fruits and flowers. furthermore this would add more beauty to nature as healthy plants and trees really look magnificent. A green lawn or a field full up of colorful flowers or a grove of healthy trees would surely sooth a troublesome or an unsettled mind, and add serenity and tranquility. While adding beauty to nature, well nourished greenery would result in a healthy generation too.

Animals enjoy food, just like human beings. The only difference is that they dont think or to be more precise cannot understand about nutritious values and each species of animal has its own variety of favorite food. Birds have a wider variety of food since they can reach any type of food such as grain, seeds or fruits and leaves unlike animals that live on land. Wild animals are mostly creatures of prey. They eat other animals.

Human beings on the other hand with their high intelligence and knowledge far beyond animals, consider the nutritious value and the results of consuming each type of food. They know to avoid what is bad and also the correct quantity they should consume. Read more here Kognitiv psykolog Koebenhavn

Plants can produce their own food. They draw all nourishments from the soil that they are planted in by their roots. They suck in the sap of the earth and its distributed to the leaves. The leaves, with the help of water and sunshine produce the food that the tree needs. In some plant roots food is stored in its roots. Yams are an example. Human beings consume these foods.

Just as much as nourishing and maintaining the body, some foods can make the body sick or interrupt the normal function of the body too.

Human beings and animals consume food and it is digested by the body accordingly and the needs of the body are fulfilled thus
The main idea of food is for nourishment and maintenance of the body. But for human beings food is for enjoyment too. People in modern society have tested and invented various flavors and varieties of food. Each one has a different taste and there is a wide variety of food types to choose from as a result of modern research and experiments. Read more here Alarmer til private

However when choosing food one should be careful and consider ones age constitution and health. Carefully chosen food can be a great delight and support to the physical body.