Conference Catering Food Ideas

Conference Catering Food Ideas

When it comes to conference catering the more creative you can get, while still keeping the food simple, the better you will do.

One of the most difficult aspects of conference catering is remembering that you are not just creating the best possible menu for your guests or customers, but are creating the best possible menu that fits within the perimeters of the conference. This means working with all sorts of stipulations that you may not face when catering other events.

Here are a few of the top conference catering food ideas you can take advantage of:

Morning Meetings

If you are preparing food for a morning conference it is important to make sure you have the beverages right. Yes, this may seem simple, but failing to do so can throw the entire conference off. Coffee is the most obvious, but most important element when it comes to this. However, make sure to have hot water with a variety of tea bags, as well as juice on hand for those who do not drink coffee.

As for the food at these morning meeting conferences, bagels, pastries and breads are always crowd pleasing choices. These are often easy to eat and do not make loud, or distracting crunch noises when ate.

Dietary Replacements

Not only is it important to provide dietary replacements, or supplements (such as artificial sugar,) it is equally important to make sure that these are properly labelled so that they can easily be identified by those in need of them.

It is also important to remember that in today’s world dietary restrictions such as gluten allergies or lactose intolerance are fairly common, and as such, there should be a healthy variety of options that will fit everybody’s dietary needs.

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