An Impressive Selection of Cakes from the French Pastry Shop


There are times when you fancy a savoury treat and times when only a delicious cake will provide the boost that you need.  There are also special occasions when you need the right cake to send the right message to a special person.  It can be extremely difficult choosing the right one; in fact many people may need to resort to sampling a few different varieties to ensure they get the best possible choice!

Fortunately there is a place where you can find a wide selection of cakes which will suit any occasion and will be guaranteed to taste fantastic!  Amadeus Patisserie is one of the best French pastry shops in the country.  One visit to their website or their store will have your lips salivating with desire.  Choose from one of the following types and enjoy:


These are made in the traditional French way to create an authentic taste and texture.  They are light yet incredibly satisfying.  They guarantee to use the freshest possible fruits and ingredients when making these tarts.

Traditional French Pastries

A cake shop selling genuine French pastry must offer an exciting collection of these light and delicate, yet incredibly flakey delicacies!  Whether you wish to indulge in a croissant, éclair or even a macaroon you will be able to choose the flavour which must suits your particular mood and desire.  One thing is certain; if you try one today you will be back for more!


This French pastry shop caters for everyone.  If you are local you can call the shop or simply pop in and choose your favourite pastry or the one that looks most inviting.  Once you have selected it will be slid into a bag or a box in true French style.  However, if you prefer and have the time, then you may find it nicer to sit and indulge in a delicious cup of coffee or creamy cappuccinos.  If you prefer you can drink the French way and have an expresso to complement the perfect cake from your French pastry shop.  The coffee may not French but it tastes fantastic and balance the sweet flavours of the French pastries perfectly.

If you are not local to the store then it is possible to visit their website and study the huge array of pastries on display.  You are certain to find a cake that suits your needs.  You can order online and have your favourite cake delivered the next day!  All of these delicious pastries are made fresh and this is apparent when you bite into these succulent deserts.

The website is an excellent place to get a feel for what this French pastry shop can offer.  However, it is also possible to create your own custom French pastry.  You will need to contact the shop to discuss your requirements before they can provide you with a price and set to work.  They are happy to create custom birthday cakes and even wedding cakes to satisfy the most demanding of clientele.