10 Tips On How To Take Food Photos Like A Props On How To Take Food Photos Like A Pro


Food photos are alluring and learning how to take them like a pro can really help you get noticed on sites such as Instagram and also offline too. Here are some good tips to take food photos like a pro.

  1. Setting

Work with a setting that enhances the food without being a distraction. You can achieve this by using a plant background such as a single color tablecloth. Place the food in places that either harmonizes or contrasts in color with that of the contents in them. Ensure there is no distracting clutter in the background of the shoot, ensure you do away with the silverware and people before taking the shoot and ensure you use a wider aperture that blurs the background.

  1. Light

The best pictures are those take using natural light so have the shoot take place next to a large window and diffuse the light using white curtains. Avoid using the flash on the camera if you are unable to access or sue natural light. Food has subtle sensibilities, and flash photography will do a great injustice because it creates unattractive shiny spots while flattening everything.

  1. Color Balance

Next to natural light, color balance is an important element in taking exceptional photos. Finding this balance is vital more so when the shoot is taken in setting with little natural light; it will help ensure all colors are well enhanced. The white balance setting can help with this when taking the photos; alternatively, the photo can also have the color digitally adjusted later on.

  1. Don’t Move

Photos taken in low-light settings and with long exposures will be blurry is there is movement when taking the shot. A tripod can help stabilize the camera. A glass of water, a tall deck, or the back of a chair can also come in handy as stable surfaces for the camera.

  1. Shoot A Lot

Move around and take a lot of pictures of the food to capture the geometry of the presentation. Take pictures from different angles with both low, middle and, aerial shots so that you can narrow your selection to the photos with the best angles.

  1. Zoom In

Get as close as you can with some of the shot you take. Zoom in using the macro setting on the camera to have the food fill the frame of the shoot to make the food as realistically appealing as possible.

  1. Preparation

Tale several photos of the food’s preparation process. The chopping, dicing, and mixing, can add an interesting story to the photos

  1. Be Quick

Work quickly and smartly to ensure you capture shots of the food while it still looks fresh. Wilted salads and hard frozen meat do not look appetizing. Set up the shot using an empty place while the food is being prepared and then slip in the actual plate of food at the last minute for the photo shot.

You can then add these to your Instagram account for food – it can be a great way to get things out there among the public. Simply set up an account, purchase some followers for the Instagram account and post images – it should grow from there.

  1. Details

The devil is always in the details! Ensure there is no stay food on the edges of the plate, wipe the smudges before taking the pictures. You can some color to the foods using some garnish and sauces. For instance, place a lemon wedge on that glass of iced tea or put some neem or mint on top of that bowl of stew.

  1. Don’t Just Shoot

Great photography is not just about taking shoots, it also calls for knowing what to and not to shoot. When it comes to food, some things will not make for a delicious addition no matter how presentable they may look.